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Online Piano Lessons Information

Our online piano lessons are open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. Our teachers work with you on the day and time of your choosing for you to enjoy lessons in the comfort of your own home. All Lessons are taught in English.


Join the Conservatory to start online piano lessons any time of the year. Below is information about what we offer, how to sign up, and valuable resources for beginners.

About the Piano

The piano, a majestic and versatile keyboard instrument, produces a wide range of expressive tones, making it an indispensable cornerstone in classical and contemporary music.

Piano is an instrument accessible to everyone, starting as young as 4 years old.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers hold university degrees specifically in their instrument. We selected them for their passion for music and care for teaching. They are always encouraging and positive, catering to each student’s interests, desires, and goals. We teach with an “American Approach” to music education with your hands on the instrument from the first day (read our blogpost about the American Approach).

Online Piano Lessons Options

We offer 30-minute, 45-minute or 1-hour weekly lessons. Online piano lessons take place on the day and time you choose.

What You Will Learn

Online Piano lessons will include working on the technique ( the proper finger placements, hand positioning, and posture), exploring a diverse repertoire, developing performance skills,  and music theory. If you do not have a piano yet, please see the valuable resources below.

Styles of Music

All styles of music are taught: classical, pop, jazz, rock, etc.

Introduction Call

Before you sign up, our admissions team is available to speak about your personal musical goals and desires and to answer any questions you may have.


The Conservatory prepares about 25% of our student body for optional ABRSM exams. These exams are not mandatory.

ABRSM exams are designed to motivate students of all levels and ages, giving them realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements. Since 1889, ABRSM has provided music teachers and their students with exams and assessments that nurture and evaluate an individual’s performance and progress. To learn the complete details of these exams, please visit www.abrsm.org or read our blog post.

Cours de piano en ligne


  • Ages: from 4 years old to adult
  • Levels: beginner-advanced
  • 30 lessons/year
  • Full Year of Study Starts the 3rd week of September.
  • Late Start: You can begin lessons any time of the year. All fees are prorated to your start date.
  • Short Studies: Choose the “Music Box” sign-up form and purchase just a few lessons

Tuition Fees for 30 Weeks of Lessons

You can choose to pay in 1, 3, or 10 times.

  • 1-hour – 2430€/year
  • 45-minute – 1770€/year
  • 30-minute – 1590€/year

Our Piano Teachers

Professeur De Piano Paris


Mirei started playing the piano at the age of four in Algeria. After returning to Japan, she joined the Junior Toho Music College
More about this teacher
Piano Teacher Paris Mayu


She pursued her education at Toho Gakuen School of Music, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance under the guidance of
More about this teacher
Piano Teacher Paris Dave


Dave Bristow is a jazz pianist, composer, and educator living, working, and performing in Paris. He has a Master of Music degree
More about this teacher
Professeur De Piano Paris


Double-time winner of the National Music Competition for the Young Artist in the Philippines, Rochelle started playing the piano at age 6.
More about this teacher
Piano Teacher Paris John


John, a Greek-American pianist, has given performances worldwide. From New York to India, Paris to Beijing, he has been described
More about this teacher
Piano Teacher Paris Ricardo


Born in Buenos Aires, Ricardo is an Argentinian pianist who performs as a soloist and a chamber musician. Ricardo started his musical training
More about this teacher
Professeur De Piano Paris


Laurent is the Head of the Piano & Music Theory Departments and a founding director of The American Conservatory of Paris.
More about this teacher

Useful Resources

  • Buying a Piano

    If you decide to buy an acoustic piano, we recommend choosing a Yamaha B1 or B2 with a silence system for practical reasons. These pianos are excellent, and they resell quickly as they are always in high demand. Usually, a piano bench comes free if you buy a brand-new piano. The first piano tuning is generally free if you purchase a new or second-hand piano.

  • Renting a Piano

    Prices vary from shop to shop. Ask about the delivery and pick-up fees before renting a piano to find the best overall deal. The first tuning of the piano is usually free. The rental usually includes the piano bench.

  • Online Music Store

We recommend:

Sheet Music Direct

  • Buying a Digital Piano

    A digital piano is a good alternative to an acoustic piano only if:
    -The keys are weighted.
    -The digital piano possesses 88 keys.
    -A sustaining pedal is provided.

*Without weighted keys, students will not develop the muscles needed in their fingers nor proper piano technique.
*You will need to purchase an adjustable piano bench along with the electric piano and in some cases, a piano stand.

We recommend:

Korg B2-BK (About 400€ keyboard alone)

Roland Fp-30X (About 600€ keyboard alone)

Yamaha P-145 (About 600€ keyboard alone)

Casio PX-770B (About 765€ with keyboard, stand, music holder, and 3 fold pedal)

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