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Of all the lucky breaks I got when I moved to Paris, among the luckiest was finding the American Conservatory of Paris.

I moved here as a relatively new adult flute player, and speaking very little French; I struggled with two non-English speaking flute teachers during my first 18 months here. Then I happened to stumble across the ACP booth at an ex-pat fair, and everything fell into place.
Erika — ACP’s owner as well as my flute teacher — was incredibly responsive and flexible in scheduling lessons and tuning them to my adult-student needs. I felt a tremendous sense of relief after the first lesson or two when I realized that was really going to work out well.
And so it has. My playing has improved tremendously, and I have a clear sense that I will be able to reach my flute playing goals. That, in and of itself, would have been something to be proud of. But to put this in proper perspective, a huge portion of my time with ACP has taken place during the COVID confinements, and Erika has shown herself to be completely adaptable to using Zoom and other Internet technologies to keep the lessons going strong.
I would recommend ACP to anyone considering music lessons. This has really been a first-rate experience so far, and I fully expect it to continue being so in the future.
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