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Trumpet Teacher Paris


Larry has played the trumpet for over forty years. He had the privilege of being the lead trumpeter for several internationally known big bands, including those of Ray Charles, Joe Williams, Quincy Jones, Woody Herman, Claude Bowling, West Side Story, Stan Getz, Cab Calloway, and others.

Larry graduated from LA Valley College and the New England Conservatory. He has been teaching the trumpet for over 30 years, in Los Angeles and New York. Larry is now permanently based in Paris.

His extensive experience as an international professional trumpeter and educator allows him to teach a solid technique, enabling his students to easily play the repertoire they desire, whether it’s classical, jazz, Latin music, pop, and more.

Larry is a very active performer. He plays in many jazz clubs in Paris as well as in Jazz festivals all over Europe and the United States. 

Larry joined the Faculty of the American Conservatory of Paris in 2022.

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