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Class Description

ABRSM Prep Classes prepare students for the 4 different parts of the ABRSM aural testing which is part of every practical voice and instrumental examination Grades 1-8. The aural part of the exam is 12% of the total score. These classes help students to practice regularly the specific skills needed for each grade.

To not take away form private instrumental instruction with your teacher we have started ABRSM Prep Class. These classes prepare students for the 4 different parts of the ABRSM Aural testing and end with mock exams. During the classes we will practice:

  • Clapping the pulse of a piece and identifying whether it is in two time or three time.
  • Singing phrases of music as ‘echoes’.
  • Identifying where a change in pitch occurs during a phrase played.
  • Listening to a piece and answering questions about different features they hear.

Listening lies at the heart of all good music-making. Developing a ‘musical ear’ is fundamental to musical training because having developed aural awareness impacts all aspects of musicianship. It is so important that ABRSM aural tests are part of the instrumental & voice exam.

The Conservatory’s ABRSM Prep Class consists of 10 sessions of 1 hour classes that is part of the Saturday Conservatory that will prepare the students to arrive in the best condition to their graded exam. Through a series of interactive challenges, students will develop their ability to identify and describe musical features and differences quickly and accurately, recognize the pulse of a piece, and develop the ability of echo and sing simple musical phrases. To leran more about the ABRSM exams, please look at our recent post.

ABRSM Prep Class


  • Ages: All
  • Levels: ABRSM Grades 1-8
  • 10 lessons / year
  • For all instrumental and voice students after 1 year of study.
  • 2016 / 2017 classes will be held Saturdays as part of the Saturday Conservatory.
  • Time & Dates: See Saturday Conservatory page for details.
ABRSM Prep Class
/ year