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Music Discovery is a fun and engaging group class for young children that will build musicianship skills through singing, games, movement and play.

The Conservatory’ classes, now at the American Cathedral in Paris, provide a wonderful introduction to music for young childrenOur dedicated faculty organizes lessons through a variety of methods:

Drawing to music: in asking kids to draw an image of what they listen to, we develop their imagination, listening skills and introduce them to music of great composers.

Eurhytmics: we ask the kids to walk at the pace of the music, or do movements synchronized to the music they listen to. This activity develops their sense of rhythm, they learn how to recognize the beat of a song.

Building instruments: This activity not only teaches kids about instruments of the orchestra but how they work, their construction, and how they are played. This is combined with listening to the instrument they are building or even seeing and hearing them be played live by the conservatory faculty members. We introduce them to all the families of instruments enabling some of them to choose their future instrument.

Basic music theory: in this activity, we introduce note reading and rhythm reading in a fun and playful way. We draw the G Clef and notes of the scale.

Singing: song develops their ears, sense of pitch and the concept of chamber music as they all sing together.

Intro to recorder: for most kids, the recorder will be the first time they play an instrument. They will learn to perform a solo piece that they will play as a chamber group.